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Downtown Nashville coffee shop engagement session


I  have wanted to do a coffee shop photo session for months now, and I finally managed to do a downtown shoot that involved Frothy Monkey this past weekend. What better way to spend your Sunday morning than with a sweet couple at a cozy café?

This is Morgan and Andrew, and their photos are filled with joy, style, and sweetness. I’m not a coffee drinker (I know, I know… What is wrong with me?), but this session makes me want to spend all day at a local coffee shop.

When we first planned this photoshoot, it seemed like a great idea to do our Downtown session on a quiet Sunday morning. We planned to meet at Frothy and then hit a few other locations before wrapping up. When I first walked into Frothy, it was packed! I briefly panicked because there were no tables open by the window, but luckily the breakfast rush cleared out quickly. Somehow, we managed to picked the busiest Sunday morning for pictures, but it worked out just fine!

In my dining room, we have a coffee nook that I set up for my husband. The nook houses our Keurig, the espresso machine, and a few decorative mugs and tins of tea. Over the nook, I have a picture frame with a quote that reads, “This morning, with her, having coffee.” Johnny Cash responded with this answer when he was asked for his description of paradise. I think Andrew would have to agree with Johnny Cash.

My favorite thing about urban photography is that your session is different each time. I love shooting at Printers Alley, and I always leave with a unique perspective.


These might be my favorite shots from the entire session! I had about 20 seconds to capture these pictures as we were crossing the street, but I love how they turned out. People were walking past us in a hurry, but these images make me feel as if time stood still in the hustle and bustle of a busy city.

What I love the most, is that someone walked past and yelled out, “The war is over!” Morgan and Andrew are too cute, and they do look a lot like the iconic Times Square WW2 kissing picture! (That’s what I call a happy accident!)