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Amanda Lairsey Part 1 - Lifestyle Branding - Nashville, TN


This is going to be a 2 part blog post, because I love when I get to work with entrepreneurs like Amanda. 

When I first did a branding session for Amanda, she had a dream to start a blog. She didn't know why she needed to start blogging, but she felt called to do it. She created The Caffeinated Woman and started her entrepreneur journey. 

We met at 12 South in Nashville to capture some creative headshots and create content she could use to promote her blog on social media. Heels and coffee were a central theme for our session, and that was part of her brand for The Caffeinated Woman. 

Amanda blogged for a few months and started to feel a need for community among small female business owners in Nashville. She set up a Meet Up at a coffee shop for "womenpreneurs" and quickly realized that her dream of blogging was part of something much bigger. 

Amanda started hosting these meetings each month, and she would bring education and relatable content to the table. As a business owner, it is easy to feel that you are alone when struggling with business growth, building your social media or email following, finding your ideal client, and other obstacles you face. Amanda brought Nashville girl bosses together to discuss how to improve and grow, and as soon as you have a community around you, the struggles don't feel so hard! 

You'll have to head to Part 2 to read the rest of Amanda's business story, but (SPOILER) it is a success story!