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Amanda Lairsey Part 2 - In Home Lifestyle Branding - Spring Hill, TN


If you missed Part 1, go back and get caught up!

Each month, Amanda's meet ups grew more and more, and the group kept outgrowing their venue space. At this time Amanda realized that her calling was for far more than a blog, and she utilized the blog as a way to get in front of people, but her true passion was watching other business owners succeed! She created The Society of Women Business Owners, or SOWBO, and continued encouraging and empowering other women to pursue their passions.

Amanda lights up when you talk to her about your business. She is reassuring and breathes life into your vision and dreams. She has a background in business and marketing, so it made sense when she started offering 1 on 1 consulting. Her business, Amanda Lairsey, took off and she was able to quit her full time job within a year!


You can see some of my favorite branding images that I've taken for Amanda below!

When we took these, Amanda had recently renovated her office space, and she wanted in home branding pictures of her working at her desk. Her white walls and white desk make her office totally pinterest worthy! Fearless was a big word for Amanda in 2017, and she spells it out on her wall as a daily reminder. 

People want to feel like they know you and can relate to you, so I loved when Amanda's furry assistant, Bear, got in on some of the action and posed with her! Little moments like that create authentic content for you to use to attract your ideal client and consumer on social media! 

I love branding sessions because they are a way to create relevant and cohesive content for your social media, but they still keep the content personal and real to you. Using stock images is fine, but having personal curated content will go so much further!