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Dr Carlee - Chiropractor Branding Session - Franklin, TN


My branding and marketing clients are some of my favorites! I love hearing about their businesses, and delivering images that can help them attract more clients! I worked with Dr Carlee, a Chiropractor in Franklin, TN, when she reached out for a lifestyle branding session after having recently moved into a new office space. Her office is light and bright, and she wanted to have some update pictures she could use on her social media platforms and website.

Full disclosure: I’ve always been a little bit freaked out by Chiropractors… I know they make people feel amazing, but the cracking and the noises always freak me out!  I loved getting to see Carlee in action though, and I was so impressed with what she could do for her patients.

Dr Carlee is a chiropractor that specializes in whole body healing, and she pushes her clients towards a healthy lifestyle, naturally. As a chiropractor, she wanted pictures of her adjusting patients of all ages, so we had several clients come in for promotional pictures. She worked with a new mom, a young child, a grown man, and two other ladies, that way there was a good mix of clients for her portfolio.

Carlee also helps her patients through nutrition and emotional work. To showcase all facets of Carlee’s work, we took pictures of her medical tools, got shots of her kinesiology work, posed Carlee at her desk and on her adjusting table, and even got some images of her doing her allergy testing on clients.

Branding and marketing photo sessions are important because they give Middle Tennessee businesses custom and personalized pictures to use that represent their brand and their mission. If you are interested in learning more about a branding session, click on the button at the end of this post!